Heating your home is, in addition to cooling and ventilation, indispensable for pleasant living comfort and cosiness. You can heat with gas or fuel oil, with a hybrid system, with biomass, cogeneration or electric, with a heat pump or solar boiler.

Sanitary facilities

Your bathroom has an important function in your home. It can be a quick stop in the morning rush, but also an oasis of tranquillity as a wellness area. How you furnish your bathroom depends on the available space and the number of family members.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is clean, sustainable and inexhaustible energy that does not harm the environment. There are various ways to generate green energy such as wind energy, solar energy, biomass, hydropower and geothermal energy.


By airing you refresh the indoor air by opening windows or doors. After closing, the positive effect of airing diminishes quickly. However, by ventilating you refresh the indoor air no less than 24 hours a day.

Maintenance and repair

Do you notice moisture spots or is your water consumption abnormally high? Then maybe you have a water leak. This problem obviously needs to be addressed, but at Krivaro Technics we would like to do so with caution.

Air conditioning

If you enjoy the hot summer days, but you also like to live and sleep in a cool environment, then air conditioning is the ideal solution. The temperature can quickly rise high in roof apartments or houses that are poorly insulated and have large windows.