Heating your home is, in addition to cooling and ventilation, indispensable for pleasant living comfort and cosiness. But how do you make the choice in the large range of heating systems? You can heat with gas or fuel oil, with a hybrid system, with biomass, cogeneration or electric, with a heat pump or solar boiler.

Krivaro Technics discusses the pros and cons of each system with you, taking your living and family situation into account. In addition, we will be happy to provide you with customised information on legal installation standards, maintenance, subsidies and compensations.

We will either replace your old boiler with a newer and more economical model or look at what renewable possibilities there are. We will also offer a total renovation of your heating system or the installation of a completely new installation in your new building project, including underfloor heating and/or radiators. We work exclusively with A-materials and A-brands for a solution that is as sustainable as possible for our customer.

We have all the necessary certificates to correctly install and deliver an installation. For the inspection of gas pipelines we are Cerga certified but also after installation you can contact us for the necessary maintenance of your installation to be carried out correctly, we are certified in the three regions for both gas and fuel oil installations. You can also call on us for sweeping your chimney.