Outside air is generally healthier than the air in our homes. Moisture and harmful substances accumulate because we breathe, cook, wash, polish ... We often think that we can solve this problem by airing our house for a short period of time. But did you know that airing does not have the same effect as ventilating?

By airing you refresh the indoor air by opening windows or doors. After closing, the positive effect of airing diminishes quickly. However, by ventilating you refresh the indoor air no less than 24 hours a day. Therefore, only continuous and controlled ventilation with a ventilation system guarantees good indoor air quality.

The installation of a ventilation system is mandatory for both new buildings and renovations. Krivaro Technics will help you make the right choice for the ventilation system that suits your home. For example, you can opt for local ventilation systems or a ventilation system for your entire home.

It is important that the ventilation system is correctly dimensioned to adequately perform the ventilation function, but also to protect against the removal of too much air and causing negative air pressure in the room or throughout the house.

Tips for a healthy home: http://www.healthyspaces.eu/