Maintenance and repair

Krivaro Technics guarantees professional installation of heating equipment, both in new homes and in renovation projects. We make the appliance ready for use and go over the user instructions with you. If you still need additional information after installation, you can contact us.

If your appliance turns out to be defective, we will visit you as soon as possible for advice and repair. In order to keep your appliance in use as long and efficiently as possible, regular maintenance is necessary and even mandatory for gas and fuel oil installations. If Krivaro Technics installed your appliance, we will automatically contact you to schedule maintenance. You can also contact us for installations that have not been installed by us or for the maintenance of your chimney and include them in the annual planning.

After the maintenance, you will receive a certificate from us, in accordance with legislation. Krivaro Technics has certified technicians in the three regions for both fuel oil and gas installations.

Leak detection

Do you notice moisture spots or is your water consumption abnormally high? Then maybe you have a water leak. This problem obviously needs to be addressed, but at Krivaro Technics we would like to do so with caution. We detect the leak via an infrared camera. That saves you a lot of unnecessary demolition work and frustration. Once the leak has been detected, we will discuss the various solutions with you and we can proceed to repair it. Be sure to contact your insurance company to check whether the water damage is covered in your policy.